Before Calling Line Marking Contractors, Here are Basic Road Surface Marking Basics You Need to Know

image of line markings for a handicapped parking stall in a parking lot

Line markings on roads, parking lots, and other special purpose spaces are being utilised for various reasons. The primary importance of road surface markings is that they provide both guidance and information. In addition to conveying pertinent information to both pedestrians and drivers, line markings in industrial spaces enhance safety and organisation, thus reducing the incidence of accidents and injuries.

If you’re thinking of acquiring line marking services for your property, be it residential, commercial, or industrial in nature, it is important to have basic knowledge on the most common types of markings; their features and benefits.

  • Paint

Paint is one of the most common types of non-mechanical line markers used on Australian roads and special purpose places. The major selling point of paint is that it is cost-effective compared to other non-mechanical and mechanical markers in the market.

Paint line markings are used for symbols on roads and applied either by trucks with air-pressure machines that apply paint uniformly on the road surface or by manual use of paint guns or sprays paired with stencils.

  • Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is a prevalent line marking type used all over Australia due to is affordability and longevity features. Thermoplastic binder systems are typically made using a combination of hydrocarbons, resins, glass beads and plasticisers. The demand for thermoplastic systems as line markings for factories, roads, and parking spaces is greater than that of paint due to its excellent retroreflectivity and longevity.

Line marking services from a reliable company using thermoplastics can last for 3 to 6 years.

  • Cold-Applied Plastic

Cold-applied plastic is yet another popular road marking application in Australia. Mainly used for special areas to indicate direction and create awareness of certain locations, cold-applied plastic colours road surfaces faster and more effectively than other line marking types.


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Why are Melbourne Line Markings Relevant?

Image of a Freshly painted parking lot line markings shot at an angle

Melbourne line markings are important elements in the design and function of roads, parking spaces, warehouses, and public roads. These line markings are highly relevant as they help establish efficiency, safety, and productivity in both public spots and private spaces.

Highly visible line markings are important especially if the existing ones are slowly fading or nearly invisible to view. Faded line markings are obviously inefficient in doing their jobs, and thus should be retouched by a reputable line marking company in Melbourne.

What causes line markings to fade?

  • Different forms of precipitation including rain.
  • Continuous exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • Constant or regular usage of areas where line markings are painted on

Why should you get line marking services?

Fading lines on school pedestrian crossings for example can lead to accidents. Warehouse line marking that may have faded over years of usage may pose great dangers to employees who rely on markings to get their job done efficient and fast. Lastly, car park line markings are important as they instruct and/or lead drivers the proper directions to exit and enter the premises.

What are the benefits of line markings?

  • Parking space line markings help in regulating the traffic in and out of the property. To ensure order and organisation inside parking lots, it then becomes crucial that line markings are highly visible for all motorists and pedestrians to see.
  • Reflective line markings inside warehouses and across school pedestrian crossings improve visibility at night. Motorists are able to distinguish between lanes, thus reducing the risk of accident.

Keeping line markings highly visible within your Melbourne property is guaranteed to keep your maintenance cost affordable. With highly visible thermoplastic line markings painted on your pavements, you     do not have to worry about liability lawsuits due to accidents or injuries caused by absence or fading line markings.


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