Why Are Line Marking Companies Indispensable to their Clients?

image of an External Road Marking by CJJ Services

People are so accustomed to seeing line markings that they undermine their significance in ensuring order and organisation in the daily life.

The function of line marking may seem insignificant to a lot of people, but once you become aware of their importance on the road, schools, parking spaces, and indoor work spaces, you will appreciate them the next time you go outside.



  • Safety and vital instructions on the road


Without line markings on the road and parking spaces, chaos is inevitable. From street roads to vast highways, line markings are installed for numerous important reasons. One primary reason why Melbourne line markings are vital is that they provide instructions to motorists. Professionally painted linings are used to separate traffic lines, hence ensuring safety among drivers on both sides of the road.

Certain line markings are also being used to indicate where it’s safe for pedestrians to cross the road.



  • Organisation in parking spaces


Parking lots are spaces where motorists park their car while they go about their daily activities. It is important that a parking lot establishes order and organisation at all times to avoid confusion and to ensure efficiency when cars enter and exit the premises.

Line markings in parking lots also reduce the incidence of accidents among motorists, too.


External Line Marking in Melbourne

Line markings for external spaces such as parking lots, roads, platforms, outdoor school premises and the like require durable line marking solutions to ensure both visibility and longevity. Acrylic and road-grade epoxy are two standard solutions used for outdoor spaces die to their excellent adhesion qualities and durability.

Thermoplastic line markings are made from long-lasting resins featuring hydrocarbon bases that melt when pressed by a heating equipment. This type of line marking can last 2 to 5 years with or without maintenance.



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