Car Park Line Painting Guidelines in Sydney

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Line marking

If your commercial car park needs attention, it’s best to seek line marking solutions from a reputable line marking company. According to existing Australian standards, car park line marking is a requirement as they facilitate efficient traffic flow and pedestrian safety at all times.

Whether you own a newly-built car park or want to refresh the line marking on an old parking space, line marking solutions from a reputable company will help you accomplish the job fast and easy.

Here are important line markings that your car parking space should include:

  • Directional arrows

Painted directional arrows most commonly represent directions that motorists and pedestrians should take.

  • Dividing lines

Dividing lines indicate that one can cross it when taking a right at an intersection.

  • Broken dividing lines

Broken lines indicate that motorists can cross the line to overtake vehicles if the road ahead is free of any traffic.

  • Double continuous lines

Double continuous lines most commonly in white paint indicate that motorists cannot override or cross them altogether.

Line markings are important components in a parking space for motorists and pedestrians alike. They are integral parts of a traffic management system that should be implemented across all parking spaces in Melbourne and beyond.

Line marking standards for car parking spaces have been laid down to streamline the design, identification, and implementation of these signs and symbols in Australia.

  • Car park line markings are important installations in any car park as it helps prevent accidents and injuries. Road accidents don’t just happen on major roads and public highways. Placing a high priority for line markings will reduce the increasing statistics for road accidents.
  • The presence of line markings in public spaces such as schools, parking spaces, and commercial establishments is an important safety requirement. It also ensures that motorists and pedestrians are well informed of directions whenever they are inside a parking lot. Faded line markings often result in confusion which then leads to mishaps. People with impaired vision or older people with poor vision are unable to decipher deformed line markings which may also slow down traffic inside car parking spaces.


Given all three considerations, it is undeniable that car park line marking maintenance is vital, and should be performed by an experienced line marking company in Melbourne. With years of experience, we are experts in line marking solutions in Melbourne. We operate in an efficient and timely manner to deliver quality line marking services to our clients. If you wish to obtain our services or if you have any questions, please call us on 0411 581 642 or 0403 282 984 today.