Top 2 Reasons Why Car Park Painting in Melbourne is Important

image of a Freshly painted parking lot car park bays shot at an angleLines, symbols and markings on parking lots can represent several things to motorists and pedestrians alike. Line marking solutions are crucial elements in the design, construction, and implementation within car parking spaces. The efficiency, safety, and organisation in parking lots largely depend on highly-visible line-markings.

If you own or manage a car park in Melbourne, you need to assess the existing conditions of lines, symbols, and markings on the property. Here are the reasons why it is important to establish highly-visible line markings in car parks:


– Line markings regulate traffic

Line markings are not only important on the road, but also in parking lots. Due to the constant movement of vehicles in and out of these spaces, highly-visible markings must be present to direct the flow of vehicles entering and leaving parking lots.


– Reflective line markings establish better visibility at night

Improving night time visibility is an important function of line markings in car parks. The lack of nighttime visibility when parking vehicles and leaving car parks contribute to accidents.

Proper line markings in parking lots also inform motorists of the location of designated loading and unloading zones, thus ensuring safety among pedestrians. Other information that is provided by line markings in parking spaces is tow-away zones, no parking zones, fire truck zones, and speed limits among many others.

The regular maintenance of car parking spaces includes updating line markings and symbols. Repainting line markings is a fast way of keeping the costs down. With highly visible markings from a reputable line marking company, you don’t have to worry about liability issues as a result of accidents and injuries to your property.

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