The Relevance of Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne Parking Spaces

image of a Wheel stop concrete with paint yellow and black of outdoor parking

Concrete wheel stops also known as parking stops are designed to protect different types of structures and vehicles in your property as well as ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.   Concrete stops that are installed on private spaces such as in commercial and office buildings establish a more orderly parking experience altogether.

Whether you own a private parking space or a commercial or office parking lot in your property, you will highly benefit from incorporating concrete wheel stops into your layout.

In this article, we will enumerate some of the benefits of precast concrete wheel stop installation and pointers if you wish to place a wheel stop on your property on your own.


The Uses and Benefits of Precast Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne


  • Wheel stops made from concrete are significantly more durable than those made from rubber, wood, and plastic.
  • Precast concrete wheel stops in Melbourne are affordable when compared alongside those made from rubber or plastic. The durability of concrete wheel stops makes them a practical purchase in that they last longer than plastic and rubber counterparts.
  • Longevity is one of the major strengths of concrete wheel stops over rubber and plastic parking stops. Wheel stops purchased from trusted and reputable sellers can last years or even decades with regular care and maintenance.
  • You don’t have to hire a professional to install concrete wheel stops on your property. You can use simple and inexpensive materials such as rebar, epoxy, and power drill to secure them in place.


Tips when Shopping for Precast Concrete Wheel Stops


  • Before you purchase concrete wheel stops for sale, make sure to verify their wheel stop length and height. Ideally, wheel stops should be at 6’ in length and 6.5” in height.
  • For your wheel stop to not become a tripping hazard among pedestrians, make sure there is an adequate walkway of at least 3 inches in between wheel stops in your parking lot.
  • Again, to establish safety and easy identification, your precast concrete wheel stop should have contrasting colours to that of their surrounding pavement.


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