The Advantages of Installing Concrete Wheel Stops at your Melbourne Parking Lot

image of a Concrete Wheel Stop in a car park

Wheel stops are traffic calming accessories that help establish safe sidewalks, parking spaces and areas with delicate landscaping. Concrete wheel stops are implements designed to stop vehicles from parking too deep in a parking space. In addition, concrete wheel stops also help in controlling traffic within an enclosed parking area.


The Benefits of Concrete Wheel Stops Installation

  • Concrete wheel stops are an excellent accessory that helps prevent fender bends. It also helps in preventing accidents in parking spaces by physical obstructing a car’s wheels from going beyond the limited parking space.
  • The secondary use of wheel stops is to help manage the flow of traffic inside public or commercial parking spaces. Besides establishing right flow of traffic, concrete wheel stops also halts drivers from pulling into oncoming lanes or driving in the wrong direction.
  • Lastly, wheel stops made from concrete enhance the physical appearance of a parking space. When working with road pavement professionals, customers can choose among a wide variety of materials and designs to achieve a more cohesive and orderly appearance in and around the parking lot.


Wheel stops are typically made from two materials:

  • Rubber
  • Concrete


If you are wondering which of these two wheel stop materials are ideal for your parking space or property, here are a few pointers that will guide your decision during the shopping process.

  • Rubber stops are cheaper than concrete wheel stops. They are also easier to install and remove whenever desired.
  • Rubber wheel stops are relatively lighter, and hence can be installed on your own.
  • Concrete wheel stops are relatively heavier and can be used in permanent parking spaces and buildings.
  • You will need the services of professionals to install concrete wheel stops in place. Although more expensive than rubber wheel stops, those made from concrete can last for many years with the right amount of care and maintenance.


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