The Advantages of Installing Concrete Wheel Stops at your Melbourne Parking Lot

image of a Concrete Wheel Stop in a car park

Wheel stops are traffic calming accessories that help establish safe sidewalks, parking spaces and areas with delicate landscaping. Concrete wheel stops are implements designed to stop vehicles from parking too deep in a parking space. In addition, concrete wheel stops also help in controlling traffic within an enclosed parking area.


The Benefits of Concrete Wheel Stops Installation

  • Concrete wheel stops are an excellent accessory that helps prevent fender bends. It also helps in preventing accidents in parking spaces by physical obstructing a car’s wheels from going beyond the limited parking space.
  • The secondary use of wheel stops is to help manage the flow of traffic inside public or commercial parking spaces. Besides establishing right flow of traffic, concrete wheel stops also halts drivers from pulling into oncoming lanes or driving in the wrong direction.
  • Lastly, wheel stops made from concrete enhance the physical appearance of a parking space. When working with road pavement professionals, customers can choose among a wide variety of materials and designs to achieve a more cohesive and orderly appearance in and around the parking lot.


Wheel stops are typically made from two materials:

  • Rubber
  • Concrete


If you are wondering which of these two wheel stop materials are ideal for your parking space or property, here are a few pointers that will guide your decision during the shopping process.

  • Rubber stops are cheaper than concrete wheel stops. They are also easier to install and remove whenever desired.
  • Rubber wheel stops are relatively lighter, and hence can be installed on your own.
  • Concrete wheel stops are relatively heavier and can be used in permanent parking spaces and buildings.
  • You will need the services of professionals to install concrete wheel stops in place. Although more expensive than rubber wheel stops, those made from concrete can last for many years with the right amount of care and maintenance.


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The Many Benefits of Factory Line Marking in Melbourne

image of Road Marking by CJJ Services

Many factories, warehouses, and parking spaces in Melbourne still suffer from costly maintenance arising from the use of normal paint and epoxy line markings. These old-school line marking elements are ineffective as they do not stick to the floor surface as efficiently as modern line marking systems. It is important that factory line markings in Melbourne last a long time to ensure the safety in and around work spaces.


Why should warehouses be line-marked properly?


As a warehouse owner or manager, safety should be at the top of your priority list. Ensuring the overall safety and security of your workforce should be implemented at all times with the help of a reputable Melbourne line marking company. Investing in new and improved line marking solutions for warehouses also ensures continuous flow of work, resulting in the consistent growth and success of your business.


Where should line markings be installed inside factories and warehouses?

Line markings are especially important in unsafe spaces such as high-risk work areas. It is imperative to use line markings and symbols in various colours to emphasize spaces where employees need to approach with greater caution.


Other benefits of factory line markings in Melbourne


  • Warehouse line markings will keep the workspace more organised.


If you are running a warehouse that packs and stores products such as food items, wellness supplements, and cosmetics, different levels of hygiene need to be maintained to ensure they are safe once they roll out of your facility. With this in mind, line markings for areas with various hygiene levels should be installed to ensure that your warehouse facility or warehouse meets and exceeds both internal and external quality control checks.



  • Increase productivity with line markings in place


By clearly identifying spaces within the warehouse with line markings, the workflow becomes faster and easier for employees to execute. Knowing where to go for certain work-related activities increases productivity inside an organised warehouse.

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Before Calling Line Marking Contractors, Here are Basic Road Surface Marking Basics You Need to Know

image of line markings for a handicapped parking stall in a parking lot

Line markings on roads, parking lots, and other special purpose spaces are being utilised for various reasons. The primary importance of road surface markings is that they provide both guidance and information. In addition to conveying pertinent information to both pedestrians and drivers, line markings in industrial spaces enhance safety and organisation, thus reducing the incidence of accidents and injuries.

If you’re thinking of acquiring line marking services for your property, be it residential, commercial, or industrial in nature, it is important to have basic knowledge on the most common types of markings; their features and benefits.

  • Paint

Paint is one of the most common types of non-mechanical line markers used on Australian roads and special purpose places. The major selling point of paint is that it is cost-effective compared to other non-mechanical and mechanical markers in the market.

Paint line markings are used for symbols on roads and applied either by trucks with air-pressure machines that apply paint uniformly on the road surface or by manual use of paint guns or sprays paired with stencils.

  • Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is a prevalent line marking type used all over Australia due to is affordability and longevity features. Thermoplastic binder systems are typically made using a combination of hydrocarbons, resins, glass beads and plasticisers. The demand for thermoplastic systems as line markings for factories, roads, and parking spaces is greater than that of paint due to its excellent retroreflectivity and longevity.

Line marking services from a reliable company using thermoplastics can last for 3 to 6 years.

  • Cold-Applied Plastic

Cold-applied plastic is yet another popular road marking application in Australia. Mainly used for special areas to indicate direction and create awareness of certain locations, cold-applied plastic colours road surfaces faster and more effectively than other line marking types.


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Why are Melbourne Line Markings Relevant?

Image of a Freshly painted parking lot line markings shot at an angle

Melbourne line markings are important elements in the design and function of roads, parking spaces, warehouses, and public roads. These line markings are highly relevant as they help establish efficiency, safety, and productivity in both public spots and private spaces.

Highly visible line markings are important especially if the existing ones are slowly fading or nearly invisible to view. Faded line markings are obviously inefficient in doing their jobs, and thus should be retouched by a reputable line marking company in Melbourne.

What causes line markings to fade?

  • Different forms of precipitation including rain.
  • Continuous exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • Constant or regular usage of areas where line markings are painted on

Why should you get line marking services?

Fading lines on school pedestrian crossings for example can lead to accidents. Warehouse line marking that may have faded over years of usage may pose great dangers to employees who rely on markings to get their job done efficient and fast. Lastly, car park line markings are important as they instruct and/or lead drivers the proper directions to exit and enter the premises.

What are the benefits of line markings?

  • Parking space line markings help in regulating the traffic in and out of the property. To ensure order and organisation inside parking lots, it then becomes crucial that line markings are highly visible for all motorists and pedestrians to see.
  • Reflective line markings inside warehouses and across school pedestrian crossings improve visibility at night. Motorists are able to distinguish between lanes, thus reducing the risk of accident.

Keeping line markings highly visible within your Melbourne property is guaranteed to keep your maintenance cost affordable. With highly visible thermoplastic line markings painted on your pavements, you     do not have to worry about liability lawsuits due to accidents or injuries caused by absence or fading line markings.


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Car Park Painting in Melbourne- Why are they Important?

Image of Parking written on the road - Car Park Painting in Melbourne

Car park line markings are one of the most important features of parking lots. Parking spaces; be it a public parking space or a private parking lot for businesses and commercial establishments, provide motorists a safe place for their car while they are away.


As cars are valuable investments and necessity for motorists, it is imperative that they are well taken care of wherever they may be. Besides your very own parking space at home, there is nowhere safer than placing your vehicle inside a parking lot. Parking space owners and operators fully understand these concepts, thus obtaining line marking services from a reliable Melbourne-line marking contractor is a must.


Why is it necessary to hire a line marking contractor for your Melbourne property?


Line marking services in Melbourne are not optional and is a requirement imposed by the city council. Line marking is not only limited to public roads but is extremely useful in private facilities such as parking spaces, warehouses, and streets in and around schools.


Line markings provide direction and enhance the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike. For instance, road line marking in school crossings help ensure that children cross the street without danger. Warehouse line markings feature signs and symbols that establish orderliness and safety for personnel. The efficiency of a warehouse partly depends on the line markings that employees follow when working inside the facility.


Lastly, parking space line markings are crucial due to the following reasons:


  • A parking space that has clear line markings attract more customers than establishments without line markings in their parking spaces. Motorists appreciate a parking space that invests on making their property organised and safe at all times.
  • Proper organisation of vehicles is another benefit of road line marking inside parking lots. Just imagine parking inside a lot that has blurred lines or no marking at all. Motorists will simply park at any place convenient or easy for them resulting in vehicles getting boxed in and unable to leave the parking lot altogether. The absence of line markings will not only create problems for motorists but for parking space operators, too.
  • Car park line marking also guarantee the safety of pedestrians, too. Pedestrian crossings inside parking spaces are crucial as they provide directions on where to cross the lanes without worries.

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The Relevance of Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne Parking Spaces

image of a Wheel stop concrete with paint yellow and black of outdoor parking

Concrete wheel stops also known as parking stops are designed to protect different types of structures and vehicles in your property as well as ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.   Concrete stops that are installed on private spaces such as in commercial and office buildings establish a more orderly parking experience altogether.

Whether you own a private parking space or a commercial or office parking lot in your property, you will highly benefit from incorporating concrete wheel stops into your layout.

In this article, we will enumerate some of the benefits of precast concrete wheel stop installation and pointers if you wish to place a wheel stop on your property on your own.


The Uses and Benefits of Precast Concrete Wheel Stops in Melbourne


  • Wheel stops made from concrete are significantly more durable than those made from rubber, wood, and plastic.
  • Precast concrete wheel stops in Melbourne are affordable when compared alongside those made from rubber or plastic. The durability of concrete wheel stops makes them a practical purchase in that they last longer than plastic and rubber counterparts.
  • Longevity is one of the major strengths of concrete wheel stops over rubber and plastic parking stops. Wheel stops purchased from trusted and reputable sellers can last years or even decades with regular care and maintenance.
  • You don’t have to hire a professional to install concrete wheel stops on your property. You can use simple and inexpensive materials such as rebar, epoxy, and power drill to secure them in place.


Tips when Shopping for Precast Concrete Wheel Stops


  • Before you purchase concrete wheel stops for sale, make sure to verify their wheel stop length and height. Ideally, wheel stops should be at 6’ in length and 6.5” in height.
  • For your wheel stop to not become a tripping hazard among pedestrians, make sure there is an adequate walkway of at least 3 inches in between wheel stops in your parking lot.
  • Again, to establish safety and easy identification, your precast concrete wheel stop should have contrasting colours to that of their surrounding pavement.


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